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Why Us

We understand that our clients are running a business, not just a digital advertising campaign.

The Digital Ruckus is an advocate for our clients and serves as an extension of their marketing team working towards their goal. We understand that our clients are running a business, not just a digital advertising campaign. Our goal is to provide better visibility by delivering true transparency into the data behind every campaign to help them make better decisions.

We are able to do this with our proprietary platform that’s built to ingest, target, optimize and report on both unstructured data and GPS data in the same audience profile. This advanced marketing technology provides the most granular level of audience customization in the industry, enabling highly successful localized campaigns. 

Direct access to behavioral, mobile GPS, and offline data variables enables highly differentiated capabilities and industry leading performance compared to segment dependent platforms. Segment dependent platforms are like black boxes because they are bundled data that “stereotypes” users based on predicted intent. Why make decisions based on assumptions when you could be making them on facts? The Digital Ruckus can pick these segments apart and hone in on your exact target audience, resulting in little to no waste and higher conversions. 

Behavioral Data

Over 13 billion keyword search events per month. Time-stamped behavioral signals include:

  • Keywords Searched
  • Keywords in Text Viewed
  • Category of Content Viewers
  • Websites Visited

Mobile GPS Data

Over 500 million unique lat/long coordinates per day. Time-stamped mobile GPS sources include:

  • SDK Partners
  • Beacons & Verified Wi-fi Partners
  • Filtered Bid Stream

Offline Consumer Data

Comprehensive consumers data on over 126 million US households. 500+ offline data variables including:

  • Demographics
  • Financial Data
  • Purchase History
  • Live Events

These capabilities are essential for executing multi-channel campaigns, providing online-to-offline attribution, and allowing deep insights into both online and offline behavior of targeted users.

I have worked with Josh for over 5 years and he has always delivered for my clients.
In the digital and social media advertising industry it is not easy to come by a firm that always puts together diversified campaigns built for long term success. I am really excited to continue bringing my clients prosperity by working with Digital Ruckus!

DouglasThe Patriot Agency

As Digital Marketing options moved into the fast lane passing Traditional Media,
O’NEILL Media realized we needed a Digital partner with out of the lane options.
The Digital Ruckus was the partner we were looking for. Now we are converting intenders into customers.

Bobby O’NeillO’NEILL Media