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Location, Location, Location

Our geo-fencing services help you reach your target audience based on location.



Create a list of physical addresses or locations you want to target.

Digital Ruckus generates dynamic and configurable shapes custom to a specific geographic area.

User with mobile device enters the geo-fenced area with their location services on.

User is collected in our audience pool

Serve user ads across their many devices for up to 90 days.

Track website and actual in-store visits through conversion zones.

90% of people leave their location services on.

How does Digital Ruckus Excel?

Through the use of our unstructured data and a programmatic infrastructure, The Digital Ruckus is able to customize audiences through unique targeting shapes with pinpoint precision.

Other solutions have a grid-based data retrieval system that inherently pulls users from a radius, which captures users in an area outside your target zone and leads to a lot of wasted impressions and an inefficient campaign.

Our location data is not stored in grids (segments), we utilize actual latitude and longitude of a custom drawn shape. This unstructured data is key for granular localization that allows for efficient and effective campaigns

Why Choose Us?

At The Digital Ruckus, our goal is to provide our clients with a better understanding of the ad data they receive from each campaign. This data is vital to help you make better decisions about your business and target audience in the future, yet it is often not well explained. We aim to provide better visibility and transparency with our ad data than has previously been seen in the marketing industry.

We offer personalized service for each client. One size does not fit all, and it’s our duty to guide our clients to the right ad service and digital strategy for their business. We are quick to offer our expertise and guidance throughout the process. 

There is no shortage of ads out there, but with The Digital Ruckus, you can count on us to disrupt the digital space in the most appropriate, targeted way to get results for your business.

Get Results


Geo-Fencing – Competitors

Digital Ruckus can target customers who are currently visiting or previously visited real-world locations like your competitors, existing customer addresses, or other audience rich locations. Geo-fences can be drawn in dynamic and custom shapes to meet the needs of your specific campaigns.

If a prospect is visiting your competitors or an audience rich location that we geo-fence, and they have a smartphone with their locations services on, we’ll be able to add them to your audience and serve them ads, starting when they enter the fence and for up to 90 days after.

Addressable Geo-Fencing

Think of it like the digital version of direct mail. We build a list of addresses based on demo and interest-based data. Then we build geo-fences around each of those addresses. We look for smartphone location data inside those addresses and add those prospects to your audience. Then, with the help of cross-device matching, we can deliver ads to other devices in the home, including smartphones, tablets, computers and even OTT/CTVs. If you have your own CRM or mailing list, we can upload that and use addressable geo-fencing to show digital ads to the people on your list as well

Addressable Geo-Fencing is a tailor-made solution for household targeting. Addressability is a form of personalization that optimizes relevance and timing to deliver effective brand engagement at scale. Digital Ruckus uses data-driven household profiles, based on information like finances, family composition, property type, and even car leases and mobile contracts.

Geo-Fencing Advantages:

  • Drive mobile performance and reach
  • Incomparable scalability
  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • Granular localization via custom shapes and sizes
  • Identify high concentration of customers
  • Measure online to offline conversions

Measure online to offline conversions with Digital Ruckus’ Geo-Fencing technology. 

By drawing a virtual boundary around your brick and mortar location(s), we can track what amount of physical traffic at your location have previously seen one of your ads after visiting another Geo-Fenced location (target zone). This allows you to track online to offline data! When a customer enters one of your geo-fenced locations (competitors, a venue, grocery store etc.), they will be targeted with your ads. When that customer enters the conversion zone (your store) with their mobile device and has previously been served your ad, the conversion zone recognizes the user and attributes their visit as an offline conversion for the geo-fencing campaign.

Geo-Fencing – Event Targeting

Target a custom, niche audience who attend a specific event during a predetermined time window and serve ads to those users during the event and up to 30 days after. Consider events that may be ripe with your relevant audience. 

Ideal Prospects

  • Conferences, Conventions, and Tradeshows 
  • Sporting Events — Pro Sports, NCAA, etc. 
  • Concerts & Tours 
  • Radio Remotes 
  • Performing Arts — Opera, Theatre, Musicals, etc. 
  • Festivals — Music Festivals, Renaissance 
  • Festivals, etc. 
  • Fairs — State Fair of Texas, Oktoberfest, etc. 
  • Community & Cultural Events 
  • Fundraisers & Benefits 
  • Parades 
  • Venues — Madison Square Garden, Daytona 
  • International Speedway, etc.

I have worked with Josh for over 5 years and he has always delivered for my clients.
In the digital and social media advertising industry it is not easy to come by a firm that always puts together diversified campaigns built for long term success. I am really excited to continue bringing my clients prosperity by working with Digital Ruckus!

DouglasThe Patriot Agency

As Digital Marketing options moved into the fast lane passing Traditional Media,
O’NEILL Media realized we needed a Digital partner with out of the lane options.
The Digital Ruckus was the partner we were looking for. Now we are converting intenders into customers.

Bobby O’NeillO’NEILL Media
If you’re interested in our Geo-Fencing services, contact The Digital Ruckus for a FREE digital marketing consultation