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Ruckus’ ability to optimize audiences for your needs, coupled with our market-leading technology and strategy analytics enable us to deliver a high level of performance on your digital strategy. Ruckus is the proven solution for you, your clients and your business.

Ruckus does business differently. We offer real-time campaign management. This means that reports are available at your fingertips through the Ruckus Dashboard. Our proprietary technology provides our clients with higher ROI for their marketing investment.

Ruckus Targeting Tactics Explained


The most advanced location-based mobile advertising technology for targeting users based on specific geographic areas. Ruckus’ geo-fence technology enables us to customize audiences through custom targeting shapes with precise and accurate data. We upload shapes around public areas like political and school districts, street and highway boundaries, municipalities, etc. to bring your message to only those that matter.

Keyword Search Retargeting

Connect with more searchers more often and more effectively to target potential customers based on the searches they perform across the web. Ruckus’ search retargeting enables advertisers to combine the effectiveness of search with the brand impact and reach of display.

Facebook Newsfeed

Boost reach with inventory from the leading social media site. Target users on their personalized Newsfeed using our massive data network for access to over 600 million user profiles. We’ll place your ads within Facebook Newsfeeds based on Facebook Life Event Targeting, Facebook Demographic Targeting, and Facebook Interest and Behavioral Targeting.

Site Retargeting

Every day, roughly 98% of consumers will leave a website without completing an action that benefits the business. Here is your chance to re-engage those consumers with a completely new level of performance and insight. Site retargeting serves ads to users who have already visited your site while they are visiting other sites on the web. Following users based on their browsing behavior increases brand exposure and is an effective method of converting site visitors into purchasers. While most retargeting companies still operate at the group segment level, Ruckus enables bidding, reporting and optimization down to the smallest data elements such as products, categories, or even pages viewed.

Contextual Targeting

Connect with potential customers by showing relevant ads to users as they browse content related to their interests. Contextual targeting looks at the category or keywords of the page a user is viewing and serves them ads relevant to the page’s content. This can be done based on the pages they are currently viewing or pages they have visited in the past. Users will only see ads they are interested in, saving valuable impressions for the right potential customers.

CRM Targeting

Bring your offline data online with CRM targeting from Ruckus. CRM targeting allows you to upload data from an existing or purchased database of names, email and postal addresses, etc. and show ads to those users as they surf the web.

Targeted Email Marketing

Make your email campaigns stand out! Use targeted email marketing campaigns with micro-segmentation and personalization to make your message relevant. Ruckus has a database of over 200MM double opt-in consumers. Targeting your consumers’ interest and inbox has never been easier.


Use our SEM service to rent ad space on the front page of Google on a per-click basis, allowing you to gain ranking for relevant keywords to drive site traffic. SEM provides you with fast traffic, exposure in sponsored links, precision targeting, A/B testing, and monitoring.


SEO is a long-term strategy to help your site rank higher than your competition on major search engines. A lot of digital advertising agencies focus on unpaid media, but at Ruckus we go beyond the traditional SEO world of optimization and truly push the boundaries of what can be accomplished through organic search optimization. Our team is comprised of highly trained and knowledgeable SEO analysts ready to make your business stand out.

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